Almost 20 years since Diaz, Barrymore and Liu harnessed the power of the super spy trio, 2019’s Charlie’s Angels sees a new female focussed take on the classic ‘70s TV show which comes from director Elizabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect), who also appears as the new Bosley – the Angels’ conduit to Charlie.

[Source: Empire]

But the emphasis here is squarely on the new squad – Stewart as master of disguise Sabina, Balinska as deadpan Brit former MI6 agent Jane, and Scott as Elena, a client who soon finds herself drawn into the spy world. While it looks like a more grounded take on the material than McG’s cranked-up version, there’s still “wigs, toys, and clothes” that the Angels use to execute their missions – and plenty of fun interplay between the leading heroes.

Charlie, how your Angels get down like that?