[Source: Screenrant]

Eddie Murphy set for standup comedy in 2020.

Murphy was just 19 years old when he burst on the national scene as a cast-member on Saturday Night Live, and went on to almost single-handedly keep SNL afloat during the show’s tumultuous early 1980s. At the same time that he was making a name for himself as a TV performer, Murphy also crossed over to the movies, becoming a bona fide star thanks to early roles in edgy comedies like 48 Hrs. and Trading Places as well as his breakout in the blockbuster Beverly Hills Cop.

But as great as Murphy was on SNL and in the movies, he was arguably even greater on the standup comedy stage. Murphy indeed got his start as a standup (he recently reflected on his early standup days on an episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee), and in the 1980s he ascended to the top of the form, releasing his pair of now-classic standup movies Delirious and Raw, the latter of which made a massive $50 million when released in cinemas in 1987. But Raw would prove to be Murphy’s swan-song in standup, as he left the stage to focus on his movie career.

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